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Donation information 

Hedgesville Hounds is a non-profit, 501C3 corporation. We are an all-volunteer team. We do not own a facility, and operate without paid staff or overhead. All of our dogs are fostered in approved foster homes located throughout the Washington and Baltimore Metropolitan area, as well as the eastern portion of the panhandle of West Virginia.

Gifts to Hedgesville Hounds provide veterinary treatment for our dogs and puppies. Because it has always been our policy to give equal value to all dogs - pure bred, mutt, puppy and senior dogs alike - our adoption fee for every dog, fully vetted, is the same: $300.

Your gifts help to offset the difference in what we often have to spend to make a dog healthy, and enable us to keep our commitment to every dog. We are grateful to our supporters, friends and partners. Your gifts to us truly enhance the health, happiness and well-being of the deserving dogs in our care.

Your gifts to Hedgesville Hounds are also tax deductible

We also have 2 a dedicated funds: 

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