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Lowell “Dean” Long Jr. Fund

Lowell “Dean” Long Jr.

August 13, 1963 – October 24, 2020

Dean considered “giving to others” to be his gift. He gave generously and quietly, preferring to not draw attention to himself. His family learned of some of his acts of giving and helping at the celebration of life service organized by a volunteer group he was devoted to.

Dean saw, understood, and accepted the pain and struggles of others, as his own.  He devoted himself to serve others through paying forward with his earnings, his time, and his unquestionable love. A science fiction fan, The Invisible Man was Dean’s avatar. His love will always be visible to the people he bestowed the gift upon.

Dean was committed to being present and to reach out to others to offer help. Knowing how his offer of help would influence the outcome of the lives of others was not a prerequisite, Dean’s faith in God sustained him to walk and live the life of “do what I can”.

The Lowell “Dean” Long Jr. fund is established in loving memories of Dean and as a gratitude to Dean’s gift to others. The fund has one guiding principle – to offer a hand up, however small or big, to animals who do not have much going for them. May a hand up offered in love garners enough positive energy to give the animals a Hail Mary chance at a better life.  

“I have charity, another word for love.” – Anonymous

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